We are now offering freelance journalists the opportunity to apply for small travel grants in order to report solutions journalism stories. We recognize that solutions stories sometimes involve looking outside of your own community to report on a solutions that’s happening elsewhere. We hope these grants (max $625 per individual) will help you travel there, so you can then bring the knowledge of what’s working back to your area.
Requirements: To apply, you must be a member of SJN’s online network, The Hub, and must have completed a profile (complete with photo!). You must have attended an SJN core workshop or webinar or commit to attend one by the time reporting begins. Applications are judged on the following criteria:

  1. “Solutions-y-ness” of the story;
  2. Strength of the pitch;
  3. The journalist’s ability to get the story placed somewhere;
  4. The applicant’s likelihood of carrying the solutions approach into future work
  5. Diversity of applicant and medium.

To apply, send a short statement of interest to the following coordinator; they will send you a link to the application:

  • Cat Cheney: [Bay Area]
  • Samantha McCann: [Washington DC]
  • Jean Friedman-Rudovsky: [Philadelphia]
  • Samantha McCann: [NYC]
  • David Lippoff: [Portland]

SJN does not offer assistance in placing stories.