When Solutions Journalism Network cofounder David Bornstein joined John S. Knight journalism fellows and members of our Bay Area chapter to discuss “the whole story,” questions revolved around the business case for reporting on responses to problems.

The fellows, who are spending a year on the Stanford University campus to explore challenges facing journalism, brought perspectives from all over the world. And they wanted to learn how they might take a solutions journalism approach in their work.

While I often borrow some great lines from David, like “problems scream, solutions whisper,” several of his analogies were new to me, like how the media has become a hall of mirrors.

Here’s a video where you can learn more:

My favorite moment was when we talked about how journalists pursuing solutions beats become like bees, picking up and pollinating ideas as they look for what is working.

For example, when an education reporter for a local newspaper becomes a solutions journalist, his or her focus will broaden to education everywhere, in order to discover who is doing it better.

“Your sphere of reference becomes very global,” David said.

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Join the Bay Area chapter for our March 15 event, where we’ll discuss where solutions journalism fits into the wicked problems beat, or our April 06, event, our first Bay Area workshop.