Journalism today is so focused on highlighting problems, it often misses opportunities to tell the many stories about how society is responding effectively to those problems. But a growing number of journalists are covering these stories well, with rigor and critical analysis. The SJ60 is our compilation of leaders in the field— reporters, editors, and publishers producing some of the best solutions journalism out there. Many of these journalists also do an excellent job of uncovering social problems. But it's their compelling narratives and data-rich stories about potential solutions that sets them apart.

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Solutions Beat




Newsroom editor Crime
Fayetteville Observer | Fayetteville, NC
The visionary behind the Seeking Safety series at the Observer. Adams says about solutions journalism, "The significance of this type of storytelling in our community is hard to match."


Freelancer General
NYU | New York CITY, NY
Anderson produced a steady stream of solutions stories for The Deseret News before taking a lecturer position at NYU's Expository Writing Program.


Newsroom editor Health
Medium | New York City, NY
From the favelas of Brazil, to methadone clinics in Tanzania, Bansal consistently produces compelling and meaty solutions reporting. She is now editor of "The Development Set" on Medium.


Newsroom reporter Crime
Fayetteville Observer | Fayetteville, NC
The lead reporter on the Observer's Seeking Safety series, Barnes traveled to 13 cities and 7 states to report on how other cities were responding to persistent crime.


Newsroom editor General
PRI | Boston, MA
As a WaPo editor, he started a newsletter called "The Optimist." Now, as executive editor of, Beard helped bring a serious solutions focus to the newsroom.


Newsroom editor General
Milwaukee Journal sentinel | Milwaukee, WI
As the assistant managing editor for projects and investigations, Borowski leads an all-star team producing meaty, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigations, often with a solutions component.


Newsroom editor Immigration
PRI The World | San Francisco, CA
A former Nieman fellow, Campbell is the Global Nation editor at PRI, and focuses mostly on immigration coverage in the U.S.


Newsroom reporter Education
WAMU | Washington D.C.
Cardoza reports on local news for WAMU, and directs their documentary series Breaking Ground, "uncovering stories you won't hear anywhere else."


Freelancer Education
Freelance | Washington D.C.
Author or co-author of five books, Chaltain writes on public education issues for The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and others.

Fredde Sam Lazaro

Newsroom reporter General
PBS News Hour | Under-Told Stories Project | St. Paul, MN
PBS NewsHour-based de Sam Lazaro is director of the Under-Told Stories Project, a program that combines internationaljournalism and teaching.


Newsroom reporter Health
KQED | San Francisco, CA
Covering the health beat at California's KQED, Dembosky has surfaced solutions for pressing social issues like drug prices, insurance coverage, and at-home care.


Newsroom editor General
Deseret News | Salt Lake City, Ut
A former academic, Edwards was named EIC of the Deseret News in 2011. He shaped the paper's coverage into six core issues, with a strong solutions bias.


Newsroom reporter Housing
San Francisco Chronicle | San Francisco, CA
Longtime reporter at the Chronicle, Fagan was the only beat reporter in the United States covering homelessness full-time from 2003-2006.


Newsroom reporter Crime
Fusion | Miami, FL
Figueroa is an investigative reporter and producer at Fusion. She's producing top-tier solutions journalism on juvenile justice issues in a series called "Prison Kids."


Freelancer General
Freelance | Washington D.C.
A former senior writer at Fast Company, Fishman's books explain how unexpected innovations have affected the globe's economy and resources.


Freelancer Gender
Freelance | Philadelphia, PA
Friedman-Rudovsky has covered politics, economics, and cultural issues in print, radio, and TV, from Bolivia, to Vietnam, and many places in between.


Author Health
New Yorker | Boston, MA
Gawande regularly produces powerful narratives and superb solutions stories for the New Yorker. He is also a best-selling author, surgeon, and global health innovator.


Newsroom reporter Health
Kaiser Health News | San Francisco, CA
Gold covers the health care industry, policy overhaul, and health disparities. She was previously a Kroc Fellow at NPR.


Newsroom reporter Crime
Yahoo | New York City, NY
Yahoo's senior national affairs reporter, Goodwin says of solutions journalism, "Offering [readers] stories about programs that seem to be working...serves them the most."


Newsroom reporter Race
New York Times Magazine | Brooklyn, NY
Formerly of ProPublica, Hannah-Jones covers civil rights and race as a staff writer at The New York Times Magazine.


Newsroom reporter Environment
WWNO | New Orleans, LA
Covering coastal issues and climate change for WWNO, Hardman also created The Listening Post, a way to source and share community-based news in New Orleans.


Freelancer INT'L Development
Freelance | Berlin, Germany
Hobbes, a human rights consultant, has a very smart take on development economics and a good eye for spotlighting potential solutions.


Publisher General
Huffington Post | New York City, NY
Last spring, media guru Huffington launched "What's Working," a solutions-oriented vertical that goes "beyond 'If it bleeds, it leads' to shine a light on the stories of creativity, innovation, ingenuity and compassion the media too often overlooks."


Freelancer Education
Freelance | New York City, NY
Joyce regularly writes on education issues, and is the author of The Child Catchers, a book on adoption ethics and religion.


Newsroom editor Environment
Indian Ocean Observatory | Nairobi, Kenya
From freelance reporting on climate change resilience, to editing a site focusing on the importance of the Indian Ocean, Wanjohi's enthusiasm for solutions reporting is boundless.


Freelancer Health | Immigration
Freelance | Berkeley, CA
Kalantari primarily reports on health and immigrant communities in California for outlets like KQED, PRI, BBC, and more.


Newsroom reporter Health
PBS NewsHour | Washington D.C.
Kane is a reporter and producer for PBS NewsHour. He reports excellent solutions segments on medicine and health care reform.


Columnist Education
University of Berkeley | San Francisco, CA
Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School at UC Berkeley, Kirp also writes solutions-focused op-eds on education and inequality for the New York Times.


Newsroom reporter Health
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Milwaukee, WI
An award-winning investigative reporter, Kissinger covers mental illness. Several of her series--which always include a solutions focus--have brought positive changes to Milwaukee.


Newsroom editor General
Corpus Christi Caller-Times | Corpus Christi, TX
As managing editor, Krift has brought a solutions focus to the newsroom, and recently directed a powerful solutions series on domestic violence.


Columnist/Author Int'l Development
New York Times | New York City, NY
A Times columnist and best-selling author, Kristof's latest book, A Path Appears, looks at responses to the challenges faced by women around the world.


Freelancer Int'l Development
Freelance | Nairobi, Kenya
Kushner is an investigative journalist covering development economics and inequality in East/Central Africa and the Caribbean.


Newsroom reporter Health
LA Times | Washington D.C.
A former investigative and political reporter, Levey writes for the LA Times about national healthcare policy from their Washington bureau.


Newsroom reporter Crime
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Milwaukee, WI
Crime-writer Luthern frequently looks at how other cities' response to violence could become a model for Milwaukee.


Newsroom editor Environment
Zocalo Public Square | New York City, NY
Margonelli writes and speaks about energy use and the global oil supply. She's written for NYT Fixes on solutions to transportation issues.


Freelancer Health
Freelance | Berkeley, CA
Dr. Maxmen is a biologist and freelance science writer, who writes for the New York Times, NatGeo, Newsweek, and others.


Freelancer Race | Gender
The Nation | Oakland, CA
A contributing writer at The Nation, McClain covers gender and reproductive health. Previously she covered education for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Newsroom reporter Environment
Houston Chronicle | Houston, TX
Selected for the 2013 Reporting Fellowship on Health Care Performance, Meyers was the lead reporter for the Cost of Diabetes special report at the Caller-Times.


Newsroom reporter General
Discourse Media | Vancouver, B.C.
Millar is co-founder of Discourse Media, an organization dedicated to innovating new models for producing journalism in the public interest.


Freelancer Gender | Health
Freelance | Los Angeles, CA
Narang covers health and gender issues as a multimedia producer and video journalist for outlets including PRI's The World and the BBC.


Freelancer Urban Development
Billy Penn | Philadelphia, PA
Owens produces sophisticated solutions stories on urban issues at Next City. She recently joined Billy Penn, a Philly-based mobile-first platform designed to inform, connect, & engage locals.

RoxannePatel Shepelavy

Newsroom Editor General
The Philadelphia Citizen | Philadelphia, PA
Patel Shepalavy is executive editor of the Philadelphia Citizen, and writes (some of the time) a column called "Ideas we should steal."


Newsroom Reporter General
NationSwell | New York City, NY
Peak produces a ton of excellent sojo each week on the opportunity gap, the environment, and veterans' issues as a staff writer at NationSwell.


Newsroom Reporter Health
WNYC | New York City, NY
Rao is a multimedia reporter covering health & gender for The New York Times, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, and now, WNYC.


Author Education
Time magazine | Washington D.C.
Ripley is the author of The Smartest Kids in the World—and How They Got That Way. She writes and speaks on education and parenting.


Newsroom Reporter Education
Mother Jones | San Francisco, ca
Rizga, education reporter for MoJo, also authored "Mission High," a powerful example of a nuanced, compelling, story-driven piece of long-form solutions journalism.


Freelancer Race | Crime
Freelance | Garnerville, NY
Ross is a novelist, poet and journalist. He does vivid, hard-hitting solutions journalism, mainly for Next City.


Newsroom Reporter Environment
El Paso Times | El Paso, TX
Austin bureau chief for The El Paso Times, Schladen is the lead writer for their ongoing series on responses to the water crisis in the Rio Grande Basin.


Newsroom Reporter Housing
The Atlantic | New York City, NY
Previously a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, Semuels now covers housing solutions as a staff writer at The Atlantic.

Ari DanielShapiro

Freelancer Environment
Freelance | Boston, MA
An independent radio producer (armed with a Ph.D. in biological oceanography), Shapiro scours the world for science and environmental stories.


Newsroom Reporter Health
New York Times | Washington D.C.
Tavernise is a science correspondent for the Times who consistently covers issues related to public health through a data-driven solutions lens.


Newsroom Editor General
The Atlantic | Washington D.C.
Now deputy editor of, Thompson formerly covered race and culture at NPR, where he founded Code Switch.


Author Education
New York Times Magazine | New York City, NY
Author of How Children Succeed, Tough upends traditional understanding of what matters in education, exploring alternatives that help kids thrive.


Newsroom Reporter Immigration
WAMU | Washington D.C.
A native of Cuba, Trull now covers D.C.'s immigrant communities as a senior reporter at WAMU.


Freelancer Education
Freelance | Brooklyn, NY
Her recent books "The Trouble with Boys," and "The Good School" have established Tyre as one of the leading education journalists in the U.S.


Freelancer Environment
Freelance | Chicago, IL
A former Financial Times correspondent, Yee has reported on poverty, business, environmental issues and more from across Asia.


Newsroom Reporter General
NPR | Washington D.C.
One of the country's most distinguished investigative reporters, Zwerdling often strengthens his investigations by revealing alternatives that work.


For years, the Hechinger Report-with Willen and Garland at the helm-has published excellent stories on what's working-and what's not in education.
The Hechinger Report | New York city, ny


Newsroom editor Education


Newsroom editor Education
Huffington Post's


"What's Working" tells "the stories of people and communities doing amazing things, overcoming great odds, and coming up with solutions to the very real challenges they face." Deputy features editor Greg Beyer has played a key role in building out the section. Joe Erbentraut is the Chicago bureau chief and writes the What's Working Honor Roll, a survey of solutions-y media coverage. Melissa Jeltsen is an editor and reporter specializing in gender and crime issues.
Huffington Post | New York city, ny


Newsroom editor General


Newsroom reporter General


Newsroom editor/reporter General
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