The Solutions Journalism Network advances rigorous reporting that investigates and explains solutions to urgent social problems. In 2013 and 2014, we created several funds that offered reporters, editors, and news organizations financial support, mentoring, and editorial guidance for high-impact solutions-oriented projects focused on climate change resilience, social and emotional learning, and women’s economic equity. Our goals: To rapidly expand the universe of journalists pursuing solutions-based reporting and to create a critical mass of outstanding work that will serve as models for the field.

The Solutions Journalism Funds have supported projects rooted in clear-eyed and compelling reporting. Stories have identified responses to social challenged, explored the ways in which they are succeeding or not, and focused on the how, not just the what, and on what can be learned from the experience. The main goal of this sort of journalism is to yield practical insights for society about how a problem, or other, similar problems, could be more successfully addressed.

In general, SJN supports travel and other non-staff expenses that will catalyze reporting projects with especially high potential impact. We cannot cover organizational overhead costs. We are accepting applications now for reporting projects on global health.